Eric Faulds

Weekday Mornings 5AM – 10AM


Eric and his wife have 3 energetic kids that keep them firmly grounded. What may surprise you is that Eric’s favorite hobby keeps his head in the clouds. As a private pilot, he’s as comfortable behind the yoke of a Cessna as he is behind the microphone. He’s also a bit of a sci-fi geek who likes to curl up with a good episode of Star Trek. Just ask him which starship captain he prefers!


Mary O’Brien

Weekdays 10AM – 3PM


You will rarely find Mary sitting still.  When she’s not hanging out with her family, she’s playing sports, volunteering, or hitting the clearance rack.  She also loves whipping up new recipes in the kitchen with her husband and son being her guinea pigs.  One of the things she’s most known for is her enormous collection of hand sanitizer—the only good germ is a dead germ.


Laura Lee

Weekdays 7PM – Midnight

Wife to Bill and Mom to three boys and one dog, Laura Lee is in mom-mode 110% of the time, even to others with no relation to her. When not homeschooling and shuttling kids from one thing to another, she likes to read, journal, knit, scrapbook, or any other crafty endeavor she attempts from Pinterest. Passionate about God, family, and friends, her sassy comments either gain her confidants…or get her in trouble…on and off social media. If it’s tolerable outside, you might find her “running” the dog (real runners would argue she’s not really running) or peddling around town on her bike, with or without the family in tow.


Laura Chase

Weekday Mornings 5AM – 10AM


Laura’s adventurous life has recently come full circle. She was born in Central Ohio, raised in Alaska, thawed out in Florida, and recently moved back home to be near family. She’s crazy about her handsome and patient hubby, Q, their fantastically talented daughter, Hosanna, and a plethora of pets – 2 small dogs, a neurotic cat, and a couple of loveable rats.  She loves road-biking, kayaking, hiking, romantic comedies, and a good blonde joke. Plus she could eat pizza every day of the week!


Josh Hooper

Weekdays 3PM -7PM


Josh and his beautiful wife, Jennifer, have four terrific kids.  He enjoys wrestling on the floor and watching Cleveland sports with the three boys, and chatting & doing artwork with his daughter.  Josh calls himself a “functional introvert.”  The translation is basically that he can carry on short conversations with strangers, but he’s much more comfortable with family and close friends, or on his own.  And he loves to explore creation, and the worlds of Middle Earth and Star Wars to pass the time.